Measure your life with coffee spoons

Coffee Ghar


01Beautiful Place

Our café appeals to the design sensibility of shiplap and distressed wood lovers. Those who want to outfit their abode with the cafe’s coastal-chic decor can shop can visit us.


02Feel the Coffee

When it comes to your morning or evening routine, few things are as crucial to the smooth progression of your day as coffee. We make sure you will enjoy full taste coffee whenever you are here

03Full Taste

If you are a coffee purist, there’s no argument; You’ll get the freshest cup of coffee this way; once ground, coffee beans start to oxidize, reducing and altering the flavor.

What Happens Here

Favourite Coffee flavours.

Fundamentals of Coffee

Coffee Build your Base

Espresso Machine

An espresso machine brews coffee by forcing pressurized water near the boiling point through a puck of ground coffee and a filter in order to produce a thick, concentrated coffee called espresso.

Coffee Grinder

Brewing an excellent cup of coffee is the reward of several factors, among which can be included a good coffee machine for brewing but maybe more important, a coffee grinder.


There are tons of trendy ways to brew coffee nowadays. Automatic drip coffee maker is a classic choice for a reason: It can brew strong coffee in great quantities.

Coffee Cups

Imagine for a minute that you were at a coffee shop and were offered the option of being served coffee in either a lovely porcelain cup or in a not-so-lovely plastic cup. Which cup should you pick?

Try the best coffee in the city

Everything we do here is done with precision, extreme focus on details and lots of love. LOVE is the main ingredient in all our products, services, and everything else we do and provide. Get some love from us tomorrow between 6 AM - 9 PM. We’re here for you.

What we Offer

Barista Class

At the heart of every successful coffee program, is a foundation of training. It is an essential component to consistently serving great coffee, and we take our role in this very seriously. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers, to help them serve better coffee.

Our Customer Views


Very good place with great comfort. visited here last week and had a cup of coffee and brownie which is really good. I highly recommend this place. Staffs there are really friendly and caring.

Ram Gurung

Well ! I was looking for a place into the commercial area of pokhara where all the stress can be managed by having coffee cause I’m a coffee lover when I started going to coffee ghar every time i found another good reason to go there again now I’m a regular guest there taste of coffee out there is something special amazing atmosphere with skillful barista strongly recommended to everyone

Santosh Jung Poudel

Amazingly well managed coffee shop in pokhara, i love the ambience here mostly. Every time when i go there it feels something difrerent with little little things, would recommend you all to go there once and be regular.

Anuj Chettri

One of my regular place it is One of the finest coffee shop in Pokhara, Quality Coffee, Wonderful Service, Friendly environment all the employees are always with happy face which makes me going there again & again. I would recommend you all to visit there once in this beautiful place

Kubir Jung GC

You could get good cup of coffee qnywhere but what i like about coffee ghar is better cup of coffee with a very charming and friendly staffs. Plus the taste of organic beans was just wow. A perfect place to be whatever your mood is. Thanks coffee ghar

Safar Thakuri